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PDF Impress 2013 v 21.23.032 Final
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PDF Impress 2013 v 21.23.032 Final

PDF Impress 2013 Создавайте с легкостью файлы Adobe PDF с помощью любого устройства печати и программы-виртуального принтера PDF Impress. Используйте встроенные интерактивные инструменты PDF для разделения, слияния, извлечения, вставки, удаления и поворота страниц PDF, цифровой подписи и шифрования целого документа.

Create an Adobe PDF from any application
• PDF Impress provides intuitive, interactive and impressive conversion to an Adobe® PDF format from any application that can print. Supports paper sizes up to 129 inches, landscape or portrait orientation, and a resolution of up to 2400 DPI. Creating PDF files that are compliant with the Adobe® specifications, and the ISO 19005-1 PDF/A-1b archive standard gives you flexibility in working with PDF you need.

Manipulate PDF document on fly with PDF Tools
• Use built-in PDF Tools to merge, split, extract, insert, remove and rotate PDF pages. Easily enhance your PDF documents with multiple stamps and/or watermarks or even extract content of the PDF document into graphics file.

Digitally sign and encrypt Adobe PDF documents
• Sign documents using a digital signature to verify identity and provide tamper-resistance. Integration with the Windows Certificate Store provides one-click access to your digital signatures. Use 40-bit or 128-bit RC4 or AES encryption to secure your sensitive documents.

Multiple PDF Watchers
• Automate PDF conversion with multiple personal watch folders. Run watchers continuously, periodically at certain times or on demand using control icon on Windows System Tray.

Custom PDF profiles and MSI install
• Fully control PDF format creation in your organization. Define own PDF conversion profiles and create a custom MSI install with default settings, own PDF conversion profiles with icons and UI color themes.

PDF Impress 2013.21.23.032
• Article created on January 25th, 2013 in category PDF Conversion viewed 97 times
• PDF Impress 2013. 21.23.032 is now available for download. This update is free for all previous PDF Impress 2013 users. Print2PDF 9.5 and previous version users qualify for upgrade discount. The list of new feature additions and bug fixes are as follows:
• Added support for copy and paste (CTRL+C, CTRL+V) shortcuts for adding file (s) into Convert To PDF.
• Added control to Watcher systray application through Startup Item in system configuration (msconfig). Watcher will now start automatically only if it was running when system was shut down.
• Fixed paper size matching in Microsoft Office applications with PDF Impress printer properties.
• Fixed page scaling issue when printing into PDF Impress printer from Microsoft Excel.
• Fixed wrong file name and path when printing from Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
• Fixed Access violation error “Exception EAccessViolation in module msxml3. dll” after Notepad or Internet Explorer 9 is closed when printing with enabled debug log on in Windows XP.
• Removed requirement to restart PDF Impress when enabling debug log.
• Improved “Create Self-Signed Certificate” tool user interface.

Информация о программе:
Год релиза: 2013
Версия: 21.23.032
Язык интерфейса: english
Операционная система: Windows® 2000|XP|Vista|7 & 8 (x32|x64)
Активация | Рег. код: GOTD KEY
Страница программы: binarynow.com
Размер файла: 41.0 Mb

PDF Impress 2013 v 21.23.032 Final PDF Impress 2013 v 21.23.032 Final
PDF Impress 2013 v 21.23.032 Final PDF Impress 2013 v 21.23.032 Final

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